List your Michigan vacation rentals. We offer a more relaxed approach to promoting rentals that pays off for everyone. No booking commissions or traveler fees.

Put your Michigan vacation rentals ON THE MAP.
Let more guests book outside of vrbo and airbnb. is a popular vacation rental website that’s been connecting travelers with rental owners and local property managers since 2014. How do renters find They search online. Google displays the most relevant websites based on high volume search terms like Michigan cabins or Michigan vacation rentals. We are definitely relevant! In many cases, our regional website organically outranks large travel sites.

1. Fill out the form. 2. Make payment. 3. We initially set up your listing(s) - you'll have a dashboard.
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ICS and vrbo/airbnb calendar sync now available.
Renters plan and book directly with YOU.

Low annual fee includes the initial set up of your listing(s).

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Our more relaxed approach to vacation rentals pays off for everyone. No booking commissions for owners/managers - no traveler fees for your guests. Our refreshingly low annual listing rates include the initial set up of your listing(s) too. See our rates below.

Travelers are searching for websites that allow them to book with the owners or local managers. We provide a clear path so travelers can easily plan and book directly with YOU.


Our low-annual-fee, book DIRECT regional website opens the door to higher rental income. Why pay higher annual fees or give up your hard-earned booking dollars? Maximize your rental income with every inquiry you turn in to a booking. The more rentals you list, the lower the per-unit cost. Our service allows you to reply QUICKLY to renter inquiries because of free text alerts. Inquiries include the traveler's name, phone number, email address, travel dates, number of adults/kids, and a personal message from the renter.

It’s no surprise - vacationers flock to the Internet to SEARCH for Michigan cabins and vacation rentals. If you’re not listed on you’re missing out on a massive stream of area renters looking to book direct.

Your listing(s) are just the beginning – We promote every member in our vast social networks, plus publish a blog about your unique vacation experience.

"2021! First year without advertising on vbro or airbnb thanks to your site. Thanks for all you do for those of us who want direct bookings." Marian at Traverse City Vacation Cottages.

Renters spent an average of 3 1/2 minutes comparing properties on

1. Shortly after sign up, we’ll review your property website and/or vrbo/airbnb listings (if you have them), then we'll call for a quick "thanks" - if you requested that in the signup form.
2. Pay your annual fee by credit card, or mail check payment.
3. We initially set up your listing(s) for you.

Members use a Dashboard to make updates. Calendar sync is available.

List all rentals and we’ll set up a free (resort/property management)landing page so renters can easily compare them on one page. Besides, each rental has its own character, amenities and surroundings.

Boost your direct booking and watch more guests turn in to repeat renters!

1 rental listing $299/yr
2 rental listings $350/yr
3 rental listings $420/yr
4 rental listings $530/yr
5 rental listings $600/yr
6 rental listings $699/yr
7 rental listings $788/yr
8 rental listings $860/yr
9 rental listings $945/yr
10 rental listings $1015/yr

Have over 10 rental units? Enter the total listings in the form and we will provide your discounted rate.

Don’t let our low annual rates fool you. Our service is based on being a VALUE SUPERSTAR for thousands of rental owners and property managers in many states. We are the JM Creative Group, and our perfectly normal obsession with the vacation rental industry has lead to the launch of 9 other state-specific, vacation rental websites. You can see our rollout at

Do you use email spam-blocking tools? To ensure you receive our email communications, please add to your list of safe addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email program allows inquiries from us. All rental contracts are between renters and owners or managers. RENTMICHIGANCABINS.COM doesn't take a commission on your rental fee. RENTMICHIGANCABINS.COM is your proud book direct partner. If you have questions, please contact us at 608-721-6238.

As a general rule, the larger the population base of the area in which your vacation rental is located, the more likely there are to be additional county and/or city regulations you will have to follow. Make sure you check the rental laws in your town or county.