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  • As of 1/10/18 is a unique Michigan specific, vacation rental website that’s been connecting travelers with rental owners and local property managers since July, 2013. Our more relaxed approach to vacation rentals pays off for everyone. No booking commissions for you - no traveler fees for your guests. See our refreshingly low annual listing rates below.

82% of travelers prefer to book vacation rentals with the owners or local managers rather than through middleman booking websites. We provide a clear path so YOUR renters can easily connect and book directly with you.

How do renters find Google and other search engines display the most relevant websites based on search terms. Try it now; Google terms like Michigan cabin rentals, Michigan vacation rentals, MI cabins, etc. In many cases, our regional website outranks bigger OTAs because of our high relevance score. Tired of those pushy, fee-charging, online vacation rental booking websites? Try our more neighborly, effective, no-pressure partnership.


It’s no surprise - vacationers flock to the Internet to SEARCH for Michigan vacation rentals. If you’re not listed on, you’re missing out on DAILY listing views and QUALITY inquiries.

Renters find and choose our website because it’s focused on Michigan vacation rentals. Renters are getting wise to third party booking website fees, so they are seeking websites where they can easily plan and BOOK DIRECTLY with rental owners or local managers. Our interactive map and Narrow Your Search tool provided a great search experience too.

We are a regional website and that’s a good thing. 98% of our website traffic is regional - area vacationers more likely to rent Michigan vacation cabins, cottages, lodges and homes.

Shortly after sign up, we’ll review your business website (if you have one), then call for a quick thank you. Then we’ll create your listing(s) and add them to our website. Rental owners and managers use a log in Property Manager to make listing updates.

Optional (but recommended): Each rental can have has its own listing. WHY? Each unit offers different availability, settings, and in some cases amenities/pet policy. Thanks to our exact pin placement, renters can see exactly where each rental is. More listings means more exposure and inquiries too.


  • 1 rental unit listing $158/yr.
  • 2 rental unit listings $215/yr.
  • 3 rental unit listings $300/yr.
  • 4 rental unit listings $380/yr.
  • 5 rental unit listings $455/yr.
  • 6 rental unit listings $525/yr.
  • 7 rental unit listings $590/yr.
  • 8 rental unit listings $650/yr.
  • 9 rental unit listings $710/yr.
  • 10 rental unit listings $760/yr.
  • 11 rental unit listings $800/yr.
  • 12 rental unit listings $870/yr.
  • 13 rental unit listings $929/yr.
  • 14 rental unit listings $985/yr.
  • 15 rental unit listings $1045/yr.
  • 16 rental unit listings $1100/yr.
  • 17 rental unit listings $1170/yr.
  • 18 rental unit listings $1220/yr.
  • 19 rental unit listings $1285/yr.
  • Over 20 rental units? Lets talk - 608-850-4242.

Don’t let our low annual rates fool you. Our business model is based on being a VALUE SUPERSTAR for rental owners and property managers in many states. We are the JM Creative Group, and our obsession with the vacation rental industry has lead to the launch of 5 other state-specific, vacation rental websites:;; Recently and; We’re just getting warmed up.

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Do you use email spam-blocking tools? To ensure you receive our email communications, please add to your list of safe addresses. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email program allows inquiries from us. All rental contracts are between renters and owners or managers. RENTMICHIGANCABINS.COM does not take any rental commission. RENTMICHIGANCABINS.COM is your proud business partner. If you have questions, please contact us at 608-850-4242.

As a general rule, the larger the population base of the area in which your vacation rental is located, the more likely there are to be additional county and or city regulations you will have to follow.

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